Benefits of Being a Member of ABC

We protect your right to open competition and we champion free enterprise.

  • We are the voice of the merit shop and we accept the responsibility for ensuring your voice is heard in the Commonwealth.
  • We stand firm in our commitment to protecting Utah’s Right-to-Work statute.
  • Our National and Utah PACs, along with the Free Enterprise Alliance, focus on supporting candidates who believe in free enterprise and the tenants of our merit shop philosophy.
  • We offer free consultation with ABC labor attorneys and access to labor relations resources.
  •  Our government affairs staff lobbies to keep projects competitive and open to all.

We help you deliver quality work safely.

  • The educational programs through The U at ABC-UT, are developed and taught by experts with real industry experience, raising the talent level of our member firms.
  • The School of Safety at The U at ABC-UT offers first-class training in First Aid and CPR, OSHA certifications and dozens of programs.
  • Our OSHA-recognized Safety Training and Evaluation Process(STEP) establishes a foundation for entering the public works arena, lowers your mod rating and insurance premiums and ensures your workers’ on-the-job health and productivity.

We help you win work and we want you to succeed and be profitable.

  • Our network of Utah chapter member firms is over 200 strong and 22,000 across the country, expanding your network.
  • Our events and networking opportunities connect you with the people you need to know in the industry.
  • Our social media strategy provides exposure for our members.
  • Our connected staff helps you expand your contacts and referral list.
  • Our local and national business partners provide exclusive member discounts and services, allowing you to run your business efficiently and productively.
  • Our health trust’s highly competitive, low-rate life, medical and dental insurance programs help you attract and retain talented employees.
  • Our professional staff is only an email or a phone call away to answer questions and solve problems so that you can do what you do best … build Utah. 


click the booklet below to see some of the discounts our members receive through our partnerships!

Please contact us for any details.

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