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375 North 500 West Salt Lake City, UT 84116 (map)
Join us for lunch and a tour of Project Open, developed and completed by GIV Group and Wadman Corporation. This civic-minded, multi-family project meets the growing demands of affordable housing opportunities in the heart of Salt Lake City, while setting a new bar for sustainable solutions and creating a unique case study for elevated living.

The $12.8 million, five-story structure houses 112 apartments, 81 of which are set aside for residents earning between 25-50 percent of the area median income. In further keeping with Giv Group’s commitment to serve the disadvantage, the project also includes nonprofit space for homeless youth.

Project Open is Utah’s first, conventionally-built, net-zero, multi-family development. It was built through a partnership with Rocky Mountain Power’s subscriber solar program.
To facilitate the solar-powered, all-electric energy system, power raceways were run into the building. Challenged to find sufficient space in the wall for the extensive wiring between the basement and the upper levels, the subcontractors rallied together to arrive at solutions.

Project Open exemplifies how taller structures can be designed to utilize solar field. The team also created higher density by eliminating needless hallway space in each unit, resulting in larger bedrooms for residents. The cost of the building’s mechanical system came in $50,000 less than a conventional system, demonstrating that there are viable solutions to VFRs or fossil fuels. The building is on track to be certified by both Energy Star and Enterprise Green Communities.

The sustainable benefits extend beyond the building’s walls. The podium parking garage includes charging stations at each space, resulting in vehicles that are, for practical purposes, solar powered. The net-zero lifestyle is further promoted through a car share program that will allow residents to purchase access to electric vehicles, bikes or transit systems based on their commuting needs. Residents are also within walking distance to light rail and commuter rail stations.

The overriding goal of the project is to create a living space that promotes a happier community.
Studies have shown that quality of life increases when living conditions are consistent for everyone in a community. In place of private balconies, patio spaces and other common areas encourage people to interact.

On-site amenities are focused on overall well-being and include a gym, conference space, art studios, and bike repair stations. Three vending machines are stocked with over 100 healthy food choices. An extra emphasis has been place on artistic expression through the inclusion of art studio spaces. It is believed that Project Open is the first apartment complex that facilitates a creative community.